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Word Word Wednesday- sound match and sentences

Hi everyone! I thought today would be a good day to get your kiddo moving while learning. You will need a set of alphabet cards, you might still have the set we made for the letter matching game. I suggest using just the lowercase for this activity.

Ok, this game doesn’t have a name… we need one, but let’s just go with it for now.

  • Have your child choose 5-8 letters each time you play the game. (some letters will be very hard to do, so don’t worry if you can’t find an items for all the letters).
  • Have your child pick a letter card. Next have your child tell you the letter’s name and sound. Then have your child find an item that begins with that letter sound. To expand on it, have him/her state it in a sentence “_____ begins with _____” or “_____ is for ______”.
  • Continue until you have finished all letters.
  • To clean up the cards, you can play the game in reverse. Ask your child what sound each item began with and they bring you the letter card and say the sound. “What sound does fish begin with?” “/f/”
b is for bowl, c is for cup
t is for table, f is for fish

Have your child choose one item that he/she labeled and write a sentence about it. After your child has drawn a picture and written a sentence, have your child read the sentence to you.

A great way to get your child writing is to provide a sentence starter. You can do this a few different ways.

  • Provide a sentence starter “I like to _____________”, “I see the_____________” and have your child finish the sentence using phonetic spelling.
  • Provide a list of sight words that can be put together to make a sentence. Provide words such as: I, the, see, like, the, my, can etc. This can be challenging if your child is not confident in reading the sight words.
  • Create a sentence starter based on a topic you are working on, your child enjoys. “My favorite insect is________”, “The red car can_____________”, “I want to eat _______________” etc…

letter work · writing

Word Work Wednesday- spring words

Word work is the manipulation of letters to focus on word spellings and/or meanings. There are many different ways to have children participate in word work activities. Today I am going to share one of my students’ favorite and how you can tweak this and make it work at home.

Write the Room/Read the Room

spring write the room words

This activity is fun for children because it gets them up and moving around the classroom, or in this case your house. You can use this list of words, google spring words for kindergarten in images (there are a ton), or just label items around the house.

Print the words or create your own illustrations. Put the images, with word underneath, around the room. Have your child number a sheet of paper 1-6. Then they have to go around and find the pictures.

Once they find the picture, have him/her read the word. Next they copy the spelling of the word onto their paper. Finally, they draw their own illustration of the word. After they have completed all 6 words, have your child read your the word and then go find the picture card to match the word he/she just read.

If your child struggles to write the word, you can write the words on the paper you are giving your child and have him/her match the printed word to the word on the card and then draw the illustration.

If copying the word is too easy, you can either write the beginning sounds on the paper and have your child match the word with the beginning sound and then sound out the rest of the word. Print out the picture without the word and try to sound out the word. OR have your child write a sentence instead just a word.


You can also use these words to help your child move into sentence writing. These sentences can be as complicated as writing “I use an umbrella in the rain” (spelled phonetically except umbrella that he/she copied off the sheet, or as simple as “I see a bird.” This is an opportunity to work on leaving spaces between words, sight words, and matching the words to the illustration.