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Blog Direction and Spring

I have been doing a bit of thinking about the flow or set up of this blog. I have decided to put a bit more form and structure to the blog which will allow you to see where we are going each week.

So this is my thinking: Each week I will focus on a specific topic (for my student’s families, this will match the topic I use in the lessons on dojo). I will use this topic as the direction for the daily activities.

Daily activity schedule:

  • Sunday- introduce new topic and suggest stories
  • Monday- math activity
  • Tuesday- topic/theme based activity
  • Wednesday- work work/writing
  • Thursday- phonemic awareness
  • Friday- fun activity
  • Saturday- family activity

I encourage you to read books based on the topic daily. Children enjoy listening to and learning from both fiction (make believe, made up, untrue… these are terms we use when describing what a fiction story is to children) and informational text (a book/story that teaches you information).

Many authors are doing read alouds at this time, youtube search read alouds, storyline online, and many other locations can be found for on-line read alouds.

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Spring is our theme for this week. Here are some read alouds for you

How Do You Know It’s Spring? (informational text)

The Thing About Spring (fiction story)

Welcome Back Spring (sing along book)

Spring is Here (fiction story)

Happy Equinox (scishow kids lesson on Earth’s rotations and why we have equinox)