Back to School… for me!

This past summer, I gave up my job as a preK teacher. I decided that teaching 4 year olds under the strain of Covid-19 was more than I wanted to take on at that time. I could not wrap my brain around how to teach the way I teach and keep myself, my family, my students and their families safe under the guidelines set forward. I am lucky in that I did not have to work.

Staying home was also beneficial as we decided that my two sons, 7th and 8th graders, would do this year full virtual. While they don’t need me hovering over them, it was nice to be here when things were needed. We chat during their lunch, I run between the printer and wherever they are working, and troubleshoot tech issues. Again, this isn’t the ideal schooling situation, but it is what worked for my family.

Around January, I was feeling not myself. I have my blogs (My Day in PreK and Lori-ize It!), but that wasn’t enough. I had been tutoring, but the family took a break from mid-Nov until the end of Feb so I wasn’t doing that. I was just in a funk. So, my husband and I started talking. I still wasn’t/am not ready to walk back into a classroom… as a teacher. But, maybe it was time to go back as a student?

I have my EdM in Elementary Education. I see myself as a primary teacher (preK, K, 1st grades), but I’ve had many people over the years tell me that I should work with special needs students. I can not think of a year of teaching that I did not have a variety of children with varying ability needs in my room. Over the years, I’ve had students moved into my room to help meet their individual needs.

So…. I am going back to school. My first class starts on Sunday. It is a fully asynchronous online Master of Arts in Special Education program. I take a new class every 8 weeks and will complete my degree in 1.5 years.

What does that mean for my blog… as of now, nothing! My goal is to continue to provide you with learning opportunities to complete with your child(ren). But, just know that there maybe times when I need to step away, as I do already, and focus on other part of my life.

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