Happy New Year

Often times we encourage children to write New Year resolutions. But, lets be honest… does this help anyone? Do we follow through? Will kids??

Here is a different direction to think about. Write goals. Have your child think about a long term goal he/she would like to focus on for the year. It could be “In 2021, I want to learn to read.” “In 2021, I want to learn all my sight words.” “In 2021, I want to learn to add” “In 2021, I want to learn to shoot a basketball.” Or whatever goal they have for him/herself. Now, take and have your child take that goal and make a short term goal to achieve steps towards their bigger goal.

Goal setting is a skill that many schools work on with students. So, having your child learn to set goals early helps they get into that groove.

My goal for 2021 is to blog more on here an on my other food blog Lori-ize it! My short term goal is to post a recipe a week on Lori-ize It! My short term goal for this blog is to pick a January topic and get Mon-Thur posts up each week. I am also aiming to do live streams on My Day in Pre-K facebook every other week!

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