Blogmas day 6

Three Cats and a Girl tricked me with the title they had on the 6th day of Blogmas… her title is Music or Movie. I jumped right to the thought of which would you give up listening to Christmas music or watching Christmas movies. I was set… I knew my answer! But, nooooo that was not the question. The question is:

It’s actually would you rather star in a hit Christmas single or a popular Christmas movie?

Three Cats and a girl.

Ugh… my original thought was so much easier to answer. Ok. Ok. I’ll play along correctly.

This is tough for me. I love to sing and especially Christmas songs. But, I do like to act and would love to be an extra in a movie. Dang this one is hard. I guess I’ll go with act because I know my voice isn’t as well trained as it would need to be in order for me to sing on the radio… so I’ll sing in my car, in my kitchen and anywhere else music is playing, but I won’t be the voice on the radio.

Which would you pick?

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