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Candy Cane

When you think of the holiday season, there is one candy that pops into mind… candy canes! So, let’s learn about candy canes today.

File:Candy-Cane-Classic thumbnail.png - Wikimedia Commons

Here is a fun story to start: Katie the Candy Cane Fairy by Tim Bugbird

Now let’s learn about candy canes: How It’s Made Candy Canes, History of Candy Canes, and Making Candy Canes in Disneyland.

Now that you’ve learned a little about candy canes… let’s have some fun.

Candy Cane STEAM (see similar activity here)

  • Take out 3 glasses
  • in one glass put room temperature water
  • in the second, put ice water
  • in the third put boiling/hot water
  • Make a prediction: what do you think will happen to the candy canes in each glass?
  • drop a candy cane (or part of a candy cane) in each glass
  • Now observe!
  • Does the temperature of the water effect the rate of dissolving?
  • Any other observations?

You can do the same experiment using different liquids (water, vinegar, soda, milk) or different waters (tap, distilled, salt, sugar, etc).

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