1st day of Christmas Blogmas style

Would you rather questions are great dinner table or car ride topics. Three Cats and a Girl blog is turning these questions into a Blogmas blog hop. I decided that I would post my responses here and encourage you to have these chats with your families at home.

So… here we go! Day 1’s question: Would You Rather Give up Christmas Trees or Christmas Cookies?

Hmmm this is tough for me. I love to bake cookies it is one of my favorite things to bake. But at the same time, Christmas trees are such a prominent symbols of the holiday season.

I guess my answer would be Christmas Cookies since well I can bake cookies all year round and most of the cookies I bake during the Christmas season are variations of cookies I bake all the time anyway. Those who know me might be shocked to hear that I don’t like to make or eat decorated cookies. I don’t like plain sugar cookies with royal icing decorations.

So… I guess I’ll give up Christmas cookies… and maybe not gain the extra pounds too?

Ok… let me know. Which would you give up? (Bloggers, hop over to join in the fun)

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