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Pete the Cat Too Cool For School

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Pete the Cat Too Cool for School by Kimberly and James Dean– Pete is trying to decide what to wear to school. He asks his friends and puts on everything they suggest, now he feels silly. Pete decided to put on HIS favorite items. Now he feels cool!

Free photo Birds Knickers Drying Clothesline Clouds Dress - Max Pixel

Ok… now is time to play dress up. This is a simple way to add in dramatic play into your house. Let your child pick out mismatched clothes for him/herself AND for you. Have fun with it. Then put on your favorite outfit and get ready to draw and write.

Take a piece of paper and fold it in half. On one side, draw a picture of yourself wearing a bunch of mismatched clothes. On the other side draw a picture of yourself wearing your favorite clothes.

Have your child write his/her name (only capitalize the first letter) on the paper. I encourage you to have your child write their name on EVERY paper, it is the best way to master that skill.

If your child is in pre-k– Say to your child “Describe your two outfits to me.” or “Why did you choose these outfits?” You are looking for your child to explain not label. We want full sentences and logical thinking behind decisions.

If your child is in K– ask the same as above, but then encourage your child to pick one of the pictures to label or write a sentence about. Note in the first picture I wrote the labels using phonetic spelling. Read more about the stages of writing and drawing here.

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