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Visual and Motion clues for letter sounds

Visual and Motion Cues for Letter sounds

When children learn letter sounds we often provide pictures/words to help them remember what sound is associated with the letter. (/a/ /a/ apple) Many children need more than this to remember those connections.

Teachers use a see it, say it, write it approach which adds in the muscle memory of writing the letter while saying the sound. But, even with this there are still children who struggle to make these connections. So what can you do?

I posted on my Teachers Pay Teachers store a kit that has visual and kinetics cues to help children master their letter sounds. In the kit there is a list of the 26 words and the motion to associate with the word (example– /j/ /j/ jump rope while swinging your arms like you are jumping rope)

If you choose to practice letter sounds this way, I encourage you to only use the letter sounds and not their names. That is the key… we need children to connect the letter sound to the visual letter. Providing a cue word and motion is helping with the recall of the letter sound!

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