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Letter of the day– Kk

Let’s go fly a kite, up to the highest height! Who doesn’t love a bit of Mary Poppins music to start the day? Kites are a great activity for children. They love to fly them, they love to make them… children love kites.

Jack Hartmann Kk song

Printing Kk

Capital K– start at the top, go straight downnnnn, jump back to the top and over to the right, slant in to the middle and then slant down to the bottom

lowercase k– start at the top, go straight downnnn, go half way down and over to the right, slant in and out

Kk is a tough letter to write. It requires your child to be able to cross the midline. This skill means your child can move arms and legs across the middle of his/her body. By the age of 4 your child should be able to fluidly move from one side of the body to the other (left to right as well as top and bottom). Crossing the midline songs and exercises to try at home: brain gym, Dr. Jean Jump up, turn around, Jack Hartmann Crossover, Centercourt Sports Crossing the Midline

Today’s activity– Kites!

Kite Day by Will Hillenbrand (read by Will Hillenbrand) Mole and Bear work together to construct a kite, watch to see what happens

Create a paper kite. (Did you know that kite is a math term? A kite is a quadrilateral (4 sided shape) with two distinct pairs of a equal adjacent sides– meaning the top two sides are equal and the bottom two sides are equal)— YES, I would point this out to my students!

Stuck by Oliver Jeffers –Floyd’s kite gets stuck in the tree… wait until you see what he throws at the tree to get the kite down!

What would you do to get your kite down? Draw a picture and write about it. OR Draw a picture of what the tree looked like when Floyd woke up the next morning

Let’s Make a Kite from SciShow Kids

Make a kite as described in the video… and/or make a plastic bag kite: take a plastic bag you get from the grocery store. tie a string to the two handles. take it outside and run with it… it should fly up behind you when he catches the wind.

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