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Letter of the day- Gg

I spent a while today trying to decide on a Gg topic. I thought about goop, geometry and finally decided to get you outside in the garden! Children love to get outside and play in dirt, so why not teach them to garden. Here is a link to items that can be planted from the scraps in your kitchen. When I lived in Florida, we grew pineapples from the tops of pineapples all the time, it takes 2 years to get a new one, but my sons always enjoyed the process. After watching this time lapse on growing a tomato plant from a tomato slice, I want to go do it myself. Oh and one other huge benefit of getting children out in the garden… they love to taste the foods they grew, and fresh from the garden tastes so much better now.

Jack Hartmann Gg song

Printing Gg

Capital G- start like a capital C, keep going up a bit more, go in, go out

lowercase g- start like a lowercase c. go up just past the curve, go downnn past the c and then curve to the left

Today’s activities: Garden!

Lola Plants a Garden by Anna McQuinn

Up in the Garden, Down in the Dirt by Kate Messner

How Does a Seed Become a Plant from SciShow Kids

pothos plant rooting

Plant a real plant… flower, fruit, vegetable… your choice. Here is a picture of a plant I am growing from a pothos plant. This is a cutting from a pothos plant that is growing very happily in my son’s room. Many plants you can put into water and they will reroot itself. Another great plant for this is spider plants. Have your child measure the plant’s growth and record it in a log.

Some items you can try growing at home: beans, grass seeds, sunflower seeds– not roasted, pumpkins

loose parts flower

Loose parts plants. Have your child use loose parts to create a flower or other kind of plants. Loose parts can be pretty much anything outside (rocks, sticks, grass etc) or inside (pipe cleaners, Lego, bottle caps, bread tags, toothpicks, anything else that you find around). The concept of loose parts is to take random items and use them in an unconventional, or different way, to create a specific item or whatever your child imagines on his/her own.

sunflowers planted by leftover bird seeds

Take a walk around your home or neighborhood and look at all the different types of plants. Look in your fridge and find various fruits and vegetables that are different types of plants. Can you eat a whole plant? Yes! roots- carrots, stem- celery, leaves- lettuce/spinach, flower- broccoli/cauliflower, seeds- peas/corn.

Hope you enjoy getting out into the garden with your kiddo.

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