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Letter of the day- Ff

For the first time, I struggled to decide what topic to choose… f is for fingers, toes and face (what makes me special), f is for fair (we talk about what fair is a lot in school… fair does not mean equal it means giving each person what they need to be successful), f is for fish (more animal studies)… but I decided on F is for Family!

Jack Hartmann Ff song

Printing Ff

Capital F: start at the top, straight line dowwwwn, across at the top, across in the middle

lowercase f- start where you start a capital C, curve up slightly, go straight downnnn to the bottom, go across through the line in the middle

Today’s activities: Families!

There are so many fantastic and wonderful books about families. I choose three stories that discuss various family dynamics and how all are created on a foundation of love.

My Family, Your Family by Lisa Bullard

My Family, Your Family, Our Family by Emma Carlson Berne

A Family is a Family is a Family by Sara O’Leary

Make a family tree- This will help your child learn more about his/her own family. It is a great opportunity to work on vocabulary and explain why people have different terms (grandmother, grandfather, uncle, aunt, cousin, brother, sister). Often times we use these terms around children, but they don’t always make the connection between the term and the why they use that term. (They don’t always see that the grandmother {nana, grammy, nonna, abuela, oma, etc} refers to the mother or father’s mother)

My family is special because _____. Now that we have been home together for so long, this is a great opportunity to talk about what makes your family unique and special to your child. You could also have your child create My Mommy is special because______. My Daddy is special because_____. Have your child do this for family members do not live in your house and then mail them, who doesn’t love a bit of love in the mailbox?

The most important part of this lesson/topic/activity is to have a conversation. Talk about differences. Talk about similarities. Talk about the families being held together with love. Talk about what families do for each other. Talk…. talk…. talk!

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