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Topic Tuesday— Letter of the Day activities

Since I did not set up a theme for this week, I am going to take today to provide you with a few things you can do over the summer as a fun way to practice letter recognition and sounds.

Letter of the Day- pick a letter each day to focus on.

  1. Have your child write the letters in chalk on the sidewalk.
  2. Search for the letter in the story you read that night.
  3. Make the letter out of rocks, sticks, or other natural objects.
  4. Alphabet snacks
  • A- apple slices, ants on a log, avocado
  • B- blueberries, blackberries, bananas, bread, beans
  • C- carrots, cookies, cantaloupe, cucumbers, clementine
  • D- donuts, dates, danish
  • E- eggs, eggplant, English muffins, edamame
  • F-fish (goldfish), fruit salad, fries
  • G- grapes, graham crackers, gummies
  • H- ham, hot dog, honeydew melons, hummus, honey
  • I- iceberg lettuce, ice cream (I can’t think of a food that starts with short i, if you know of one, please share!)
  • J- juice, jello, jelly
  • K- kiwi, kabobs — kids love things on a stick!
  • L- lemonade, lollipop, lettuce
  • M- mushrooms, meatballs, melon, muffins
  • N- nuts, nectarine
  • O- oranges, olives, oatmeal
  • P- pear, pineapple, popcorn, pickles, peach, papaya, plum, peas, peanut butter, popcorn, pretzel…. lots and lots of p thoughts
  • Q- quiche, quinoa, quick bread
  • R- raisin, raspberry, rice cake, raddish
  • S- strawberry, shrimp, s’mores, salsa, sweet potato
  • T- tomato, tortilla, tuna, tangerine, toast, turkey
  • U- uncooked?, upside down? — U is hard!
  • V- vegetables, vanilla wafers, vanilla
  • W- watermelon, water, waffles, walnut, whipped cream
  • X- good luck with this one!
  • Y- yogurt
  • Z- zucchini

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