The end is here

Friday night we had an end of the year parade for the students at my school. This is it. No more… the end is here for this school year. While I loved seeing everyone one last time, it felt strange.

Typically I get to this point in the year and I feel complete. I am not a weepy teacher who doesn’t want her class to leave. I typically get to this point with pride and know that my students are ready. Together we have grown and learned. I know that I have guided them and provided the stepping stones towards future learning. I typically feel that I have done my job and they are ready. Bring on the summer and then my new crew.

This year feels strange. While I do feel that my class this year is more than ready for kindergarten, I feel that I had more to give. There was more for us to do together that will never be done. I know that many of the families follow my blog and have continued to work on the skills I present here. But, there are many that are not. I’m glad that I found this medium and utilized it to help those families, from my class and those who found my blog in other ways.

A few of the families handed me gifts and cards at the parade on Friday. When I brought them home and read the cards I realized… I did my job. These kids are ready and the families see it. Here are three comments that were made that hit home with me…

One mom, who follows this blog, my i/g account and even sends me e-mails with pictures, questions, comments, concerns and updates (which I love!) said thanked me for everything that I have done over the year. She stated that I have helped her whole family see and value education and the love of education. But the comment that meant the most was she said I helped her son “S” become the best “S” he could be. That is a big piece of what I see my job to be. I want each child to see the best version of him/herself. I want to help them mold not only the educational side, but the emotional, interpersonal and so “whole” of themselves. The academic is just a piece of becoming a whole.

Another mom, thanked me for my direction here on the blog, actually said the blog was a lifesaver at during this crazy time. But, again this is not the comment that stuck with me. She told me that I helped instill a love of learning in her son. This is my job! This is what I do. This is why I teach. Whenever I talk about why I teach and what I teach I always say my goal is to teach children to love to learn. I want them to see the joy in the “ahhh haaaa” moments of life. I want them to see that they learn not just when we teach math, reading science etc,… but they learn when they interact with another child. They learn when they play. They learn when they experiment. They learn whenever they open up their minds and realize there is new out there.

The last comment wasn’t given to me in a card, but in a message on dojo. She thanked me for helping her children this year. She told me she knew they would be ready for kindergarten and that I was the reason. Again, she thanked me for the activities I provided here on my blog as well as those in the classroom

So while I didn’t get to finish out the year the way I expected, I did a lot to help these children get ready for kindergarten. I truly believe that I also helped their parents see their children in a different light. They now see that they too can help their child see the love of learning. That there are ways to learn without directly sitting down and making them do paperwork. That you can learn so much in every day living and life.

So… is this the end? For my class yes… but not for this blog. I will continue to blog through the summer. I will provide learning opportunities that make learning fun and accessible for you and your children. If you have any thoughts/suggestions/requests for topics to work on, send me a message. If your child likes or really does NOT like a certain activity let me know. Do not hesitate to ask questions.

I am a teacher…a facilitator of learning… I am here for you. Together we can help your child grow, learn and move forward.

2 thoughts on “The end is here

  1. I read this yesterday & cried happy tears! This is hard, so I can’t imagine the feeling of parents & their children graduating & going off to college! I was so worried my son wouldn’t be ready for kindergarten. However, your blog & reassurance that kids at every level start kindergarten helped me look at things differently. He started here & ended the year there! So much progress. So much confidence. He’s who he’s supposed to be where he’s out. Thank you! I look forward to this summer to ease the learning gap…..in all my kiddos! ❤️ Thank you Ms. Lori!!

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    1. I loved having your little guy in my class and I love even more that you see the growth. you see the possibility you see that he is growing, learning and most important… he sees it too. I can’t wait to continue this journey with you both

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