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Word Work Wednesday- Write the room frogs

Write the room is probably one of my class’ favorite activities each year.
Who doesn’t like an excuse to get up and walk around while learning? The concept of write the room is so much more than you think. It is a great handwriting practice, vocabulary development, letter recognition, copying skills and much more. The children find it engaging and it doesn’t feel like worksheet work!

Here is how it works and how you can change it up to work for your child.

write the room wall picures

Create a list of pictures and words for your child to find around the house. For this list I used words that go with our frog/toad learning this week. This can be done with any words you want to work on. It is a great way to work on letter sounds just by making lists of words that all start with the same sound. (book, boy, balloon, blueberry, etc on a day you are working on the letter Bb). Cut the picture apart and hang them around the room, or house! Now your child needs to find the pictures and record the reading/writing.

The recording of this work can also be done in a few different ways. In the first example, the child will go around and find the pictures on their sheet and copy the word below. In the second example, the child will go around and find the words on the sheet and create the illustration. These work on two different skills. The first works on copying text and penmanship. The second works on recognizing text and illustrating to match, you will need to watch to make sure your child is not just looking at the first letter as there are multiple words that start with Ff and Ll.

write the word
illustrate the words

Another way to do this activity, give your child a sheet of blank paper and have him/her draw and write! Dividing the paper into 8 boxes will help with organization as well as keeping track of how many words are completed, but not necessary.

Please remember that at this time, we do things to keep children’s minds going. It should be fun. It shouldn’t feel like work, but something that they want to do. So make it work for you and your child.

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