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Fun Friday- Water Color Painting

This week my son choose to do a painting project for one of his art assignments. They suggested using coffee, juice or other colored juices. He had originally suggested coloring water with food coloring, while this would work, food coloring is MESSY!

attempt one, dipping the markers

So, we decided to try out something I had seen online around Earth Day. Taking dried or older markers and using them to make water color paint.

We grabbed a selection of markers from an older art kit.

foam fillers left over night

We first put the markers tip down into small glasses with water. We saw very little change and my son decided to try taking the markers apart and just putting the tips and sponge into the container.

We then left them overnight to let them soak and blend the colors.

My son and I decided to use q-tips in lieu of paintbrushes. First my son decided to paint an abstract creation. I first drew an line drawing of duck that I outlined in sharpie marker. My son enjoyed testing out the colors and seeing how they worked blending together and more. My first attempt was a flop as the sharpie bled into the paint colors.

abstract painting

I then put a clean sheet of paper over my line drawing and could follow the lines to paint my duck which I then outlined after it was dry. My son decided to paint a jellyfish. He used the purple because this was the richest color.

duck in progress
jelly fish

So, here is what we learned….

this process does work. The more markers in a color the stronger the paint color. We probably should have used less water, but it was an experiment. I feel this would be a great project to do in school as it is a good way to use up all those dried up markers that are created when the children forget to cap the markers!

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