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Phonemic Awareness Thursday– stretching sounds/ The Talking Ghost

Many children struggle with combining sounds they hear out loud, but this is a key skill in sounding them out on their own. Here is another fun way to practice what they need to do to stretch and blend phonemes!

Have your child draw and cut out a ghost!

Practice talking like a ghost first. Hhhhheelllloooo mmmmyyyyy ffffrrrriiiieeennnddd! Remember to just stretch it out the way you say it out loud. Once your child gets good at ghost talk, you can begin a fun game.

This is an I say, you say game. You will say a word with the sounds in isolation (/d/ /o/ /g/) and then your child will say the same word like a ghost ddddoooogggg. Have them move their ghost from left to right as they say the sounds aloud, so the ghost moves with the sounds. After they stretch out the word, have your child say the word fast.

Here’s another example

  • you: /h/ /ou/ /s/
  • child: hhhhhoooouuuuusssssseeeee — HOUSE!

Continue with familiar words. Want to switch it up? you stretch out the word and have your child say the individual phomemes they hear (switch roles)

you: ssssshhhhhiiiiirrrrrrtttttt

child: /sh/ /ir/ /t/ –SHIRT!

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