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Wednesday Word Work- alphabet review

I figured we had not done any letter identification practice in a bit. I’m going to show you a few games that can be quickly altered to make it more enjoyable for your child, and hopefully you! I hope you are going back and visiting the letter game I showed you here.

Children love to use highlighters, bingo daubers, markers and pens when they practice letters. You would be shocked at how just changing the medium they are using will motivate them to practice writing and recognizing letters.

The first game is a roll and write. I am sharing it with the letters c, o, a, d, g, and q filled in, but you can change out the letter to any letter you want to practice. Have your child roll the die and then write the letter in the column above the number the rolls. In this example, if they roll a 2 they say “o” and practice writing the letter “o” above the number 2 die/letter “o”.

The reason I choose c, o, a, d, g, q is when you start writing them correctly they all begin by writing a “c”. The next set of letters I teach are i, t, l, b, k, h, p (all start with a straight line down) r, n, m (all go down, up, curve) v, w, y, z (all have slanted lines) e, u, s, f, j (each unique letters…. to write the lowercase e which is tough for them teach them to go over and then make a c).

letter sheet

The next game is a letter hunt game. This game can be made by writing letters at random on a piece of paper, printing out a sheet, letting your child search through a magazine OR using a word search to find the letters.

There are a few ways to play this game. Provide your child a set of letters that match the letters they are searching for and have them find the match on the sheet. (Have your child circle, cover, highlight or other ways to mark the letters already found/matched)

Provide them with the capital letter and have them find the lowercase that matches it on the sheet.

Say the letter name and/or sound aloud for your child and have him/her find the letter on the sheet.

Say a word and have your child find the beginning sound (want to make it harder? have them find the ending sound instead)

Provide a stack of pictures and they say the word and then find the beginning sound.

See… lots of ways to switch it up and help challenge your child with one simple sheet of paper.

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