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Sunday Topic– pond ecosystem

Before everything in the world was shut down, I had begun the set up for teaching about pond ecosystems. This is one of the preK standards in the state of PA. We already learned about bodies of water. Now we need to focus on ponds.

As I have mentioned in the past, when working with preK kiddos do not be afraid to use large/technical/scientific/mathematical and other terms…. they kids love them! So here we go… what is an ecosystem? An ecosystem is an environment and everything that exists there (living and nonliving). We learn about the fact that all the things that coexist in an ecosystem maintain a symbiotic relationship… they need each other to survive. Yes…. this is the way I teach. I do not expect my students to master the understanding of these terms, but they love to learn them and when they encounter the terms again they will be familiar with them.

Tune in on Tuesday for more about the pond ecosystem!

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