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Friday Fun- Spider webs!

I was trying to decide what to do with my kiddos in zoom this week. I wanted to do something on spiders since they were learning about arachnids this week. I had already told them we were going to do a direct drawing.

I came across two options. Here is the one I am not doing on zoom, so those who watch on zoom have another fun spider direct drawing project.

Materials: paper, pencil, black marker, things to color with

cross lines

Hold the paper vertically (tall and skinny)

Draw a line down the middle of the paper (this divides the paper in half making 2 rectangles)

Draw a line across the middle of the paper forming a “t” (this divides the paper in quarters making 4 squares)

From the middle of the page, draw lines out to the corners, this is a tough skill, but even if the lines aren’t straight it will work. (this divides each quarter in half making two triangles each. when done your paper is now in 8ths and 8 triangles)

Now the fun… ummm tough… no fun part.

completed pencil web

Pick one section. Draw smile lines connecting the two sides of the section together. I did about 4/5 smiles in each section. As you go around, try to connect the smiles in one section to the one in the next section. — again if this doesn’t work exactly it is fine!

After you complete drawing the web with a pencil, I then have my students go over all lines with a marker. This provides the “coloring book lines” and makes the coloring pop as well as makes it easier for them to see the illustration.

Next, we color! I think I have colored more in this quarantine then I have in years past. One the right side of this web I colored in a randomly. This looks really cool, but the teacher in me then switched to doing patterns on the left side! You can do either, both or something else in your imagination. I used crayons because I have those at home. Water color paints would be really cool for this project.

if you want to see the project I am doing with my students on zoom… check out my Instagram account (@mydayinpre_k)… I posted it there.

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