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Phonemic Awareness Thursday- name chant

Today’s activity is a blending of onset (first sound in a word) and rime (the remainder of the word).—— If you are saying the sounds and having your child put them together they are working on pre-reading skills. If you provide the word and have your child break it apart they are working on pre-writing skills.

Here is a simple chant to try:

  • It begins with a /w/
  • And ends with /eb/
  • Put it together
  • And they say _____ (your child should say web)

I suggest that you start this with simple CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words. Another way to do this is to pick words your child is familiar with such as names, animals, colors, or other favorite topics.

When your child gets good at hearing the combination, have your child do the chant and see if you can hear the word they are breaking apart.

I feel like I’m pushing the importance of phonemic awareness each Thursday. Phonemic awareness is the understanding how phonemes, the sounds letters make, work in the spoken word. When children are able to manipulate phonemes aloud, without the visual clues, it will aid in their ability to read and write.

When a child begins to read they need to decode the printed words. The start of this is being able to manipulate phonemes. They need to know the sound each letter makes AND be able to put those sounds together in words. Children who develop a strong phonemic awareness already know what it sounds like when you push phonemes together.

When children begin to write the are encoding words. This is the ability to break apart a word into its phonemes and then write them down. Again, when children learn to break apart words orally they are already confident in breaking apart words on their own and then only have to make the connection to the phoneme and the printed letters.

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