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Word Work Wednesday- Read it, make it, write it Spiders

In my classroom we do a lot of work work activities at the writing table. This is a favorite of my students. Read it, make it, write it. The children are given labeled photo cards with vocabulary words matching the theme or topic we are learning about in class. They are also given a set of letter manipulatives, we switch these up to keep it interesting. Finally they are given a paper that is laminated and a dry erase marker. You do not need this sheet to do the activity, just a place for your child to read, make and write the word (sheet of paper, white board or even outside with chalk on the sidewalk)

laminated worksheet

When I set this up for my preK class I have all the vocabulary sheets in baggies with the letter manipulatives to match the spelling in the same bag. This does a few things, it keeps everything organized. It helps the children find the letters they need AND moves the process as they are not having to search for the letters in a bin or container. When I do this same process with kindergarten or first grade students I do not set up the letters ahead of time, but just provide a set of the manipulatives.

word cards for read it, make it, write it

The children choose a vocabulary card, the words need to be an obvious match to the illustration. The children place this card at the top of their paper and then “read” the word.

Next they make the word with the letter manipulatives. Some manipulatives I use are magnetic letters, unifix cubes with letters or even letters written on cut paper. The children need to match the letter and letter order to the word written on the vocabulary picture card.

Finally at the bottom of the page the child needs to write the word. Again, your child needs to follow the letters on the vocabulary sheet to write the word correctly. You could make this more challenging by having your child write a sentence instead of just copying the word.

If you do not want to print out word cards, you can have your child use the letter manipulatives in the read it section and the draw a picture in the make it section.

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