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Sunday Topic- Weather

This week my kiddos are technically on spring break until Wednesday, but since everyone is stuck learning at home for the rest of the school year (at least where we live), I decided to do a full week of learning on my blog anyway.

The topic this week will be the weather. I should have done this last week as we had everything from sunny and in the 70s to thunder storms with tornado warning to snow… yep it’s April and we still get snow. I called it the week of all four seasons.

As I mentioned before, learning the four seasons is a typical preK skill. Spring is a great time to discuss weather as it is all over the place.

Keeping track of the daily weather is a great way to practice graphing, compare weather types and even look at weather around the world.

  • Math Monday- roll and color
  • Topic Tuesday- STEAM rain experiment
  • Word Word Wednesday- writing on aluminum foil weather words
  • Phonemic Awareness Thursday- compound words

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