Topic Sunday- Easter

Ok.. yep I slacked off and did not post a family activity yesterday. I actually had my sons do one on Friday, but then yesterday was super busy. We went to a local park for a bike ride/hike before the crowds. Then went and grabbed subs out at a favorite sub place, we are trying to support a few restaurants each weekend by doing take out. Then we worked in the yard until dinner which we ate later than normal. Today we were back out doing yard work and that is why this post is so late. So while I didn’t provide you with a family activity we were doing lots of family things here at my house.

Next week we will do a variety of Easter activities. Monday’s math will be candy graphing, topic Tuesday will be a direct drawing, Wednesday’s word work will be on environmental print, and Thursday phonemic awareness activity will be on sounding out words.

Here are some good Easter read alouds:

2 thoughts on “Topic Sunday- Easter

    1. I love mini eggs… that is why I don’t have any of those around. I’d eat them all. But, you can certainly use them for this activity


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