Monday Math- Symmetry

This week we will do a bit of exploring about insects. Make sure to check out the links on Sunday’s post for stories and information for your preK kiddo on insects.

Today we will focus on symmetry. When we learn about symmetry in preK we learn that it means to make things the same on both sides. We use mirrors to show that the two sides should look the same (ie a mirror image). Most insects have very clear lines of symmetry down the middle.

shape symmetry
not symmetrical

But, before we get to insects, let take symmetry back a step or two… shapes. Cut out basic shapes. Show your child how to fold the shapes to locate lines of symmetry. Also show fold that would be incorrect (see triangle photo).

Once your child begins to understand the concept of lines of symmetry (do not expect mastery, just a basic understanding), we can have some fun. Here are a few fun projects you can do with symmetry:

fold paper to draw insect
symmetrical dragonfly

Fold a sheet of paper in half and draw half an insect (butterfly, dragonfly, ant, housefly, bumblebee, etc). Show your child how to draw it on the fold so that when it opens up it is the whole insect. Then have him/her color it so both sides are the same. This coloring does not have to match the real life object, the real lesson is making sure it is symmetrical.

If your home is anything like mine, you have lots of Lego bricks around the house. Here is a way to use the Lego items to practice symmetry. Find a variety of matching blocks. Set up a design and have your child create a matching symmetrical version. Remind them that it is a mirror image and therefore should build out from the middle.

Lego symmetry
finished Lego symmetry

2 thoughts on “Monday Math- Symmetry

  1. This was awesome! Thank you so much for the ideas! Matthias misses his friends and teachers immensely. But he loves when I put on my Ms. Lori hat and we do your lessons.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad to hear that Matthias is enjoying these lessons. I miss him a lot and hope that we will all soon be back in school


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