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Topic Tuesday- MUD!

Since we are learning about the season of spring, I thought for today’s topic Tuesday we would do a song/poem rewrite. Song and poetry in the young child are building blocks of literacy skills. The are able to play with words, sounds and recognize the patterns and fluency of the written word.

When we teach poems and songs, it works best to teach them without the written words and then add the written words to the learning process. This works on those phonemic awareness skills first and then later when we connect the known song to the print they can make connections.

original I love mud

I shared this song on my class dojo today. I wanted this connection with my class and I wanted them to hear the words before they saw the words. I also wanted to put it in their head as a song and not just as spoken words. I found a video of Rick Charette singing this song so you can hear it here if you do want to hear I Love Mud as a song.

I Love Mud, class book page

After your child gets comfortable with the original song, the cool thing with this song is it is easy to change up and make it your own. Have your child think about what he/she is absolutely, positively wild about and then substitute that for the word mud. They could choose anything… a food, a toy, a tv show, a location, a person… who knows.

After your child has created a new version of the song, have him/her create an illustration to go along with the words. When your child is drawing, encourage them to use multiple colors, I tell my students they need to use one crayon for each year of their age (4 years olds needs at least 4 colors, 5 years olds at least 5 colors). This project can be revisited over and over changing the words each time. Create your own song book with the various versions of the songs and illustrations.

Have fun! Let me know what fun thing your child is absolutely wild about, share the pictures, most important… have fun!

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