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ABC card activities

These activities can be done over time as well as over and over. Have your child create alphabet cards. I made mine on sheet of printer paper torn into smaller pieces. Have your child write out all the capital letters in on setting. Remind them that letters start at the top. In another activity time, have your child write out all of the lowercase letters. If you do not want your child to practice this printing activity, then print the letters out and have him/her cut the pieces into small squares or rectangles.

ABC match game

capital letters

Spread the capital letters out on the floor on one side of the

lowercase letters

room. Then spread the lowercase letters on the other side of the room. Have the parent/older sibling sit in the middle of the room. Have your preK child go pick a capital letter, then run across the room and find it’s match. They then need to bring the letter to you and tell you either the letter name or sound. Keep going until you have matched all the letters.

If your child is struggling with this, give them half the letters at a time. If they are still struggling, you can have them match capital or lowercase not capital to lowercase.

If your child needs a challenge, have the draw a picture to go with each letter and match the capital, lowercase and beginning sound picture. Remember that vowels should be the short vowel sound a=apple, e=egg, i=igloo, o=octopus, u=up.

This same game concept can be played with numerals on one side of the room and photos of that many items on the other side 5 and 5 butterflies.

If you try this activity, drop a comment and let me know what you and your child thought. Make sure to click on the follow button and follow along and get all these fun posts.

4 thoughts on “ABC card activities

  1. We just completed this activity! He asked to be timed (we do this at home to keep him on task/focused – we call it ‘ready, set, go.’) so I set my phone alarm for 20seconds. After he found his match, I had him say the sound. If he didn’t say it correctly, I would say a word & have him say the word to get the sound correctly. I think we’ll use this a lot & change it up a bit each time. The timing made it more of a ‘game,’ if someone needs that for their kiddo!


    1. super! glad to hear it helped and that you took it a step further to challenge your child. Love that you are adding the easy correction into it to help without putting the pressure on the error

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