Where do I start?

I know that many families are overwhelmed with the school closures. I have had parents in my class message me…. what do I do? How can I help my child? How will I help multiple children of various ages? How long will this last? Will my child still be ready for kindergarten? And much more.

This is a time of lots of questions and very few answers, but I hope that my site will help provide some realistic, open ended learning opportunities that can be done with items you already have at home.

My goal is that each day I will post 1-3 connected learning opportunities for you to use with your child at home. They also could be used in a classroom or homeschooling setting.

I will share photos, explanations and even the learning that is behind the activity. But, I want your help, your input. Are you looking for something specific? Need to modify to challenge or make it easier? Have no clue what I’m talking about… whatever your question, comment or concern… share your thoughts with me. This is the way I can make this blog work better for everyone who is joining me on this journey.

Oh and if you want… you can also follow me on instagram at @mydayinpre_k

Tune in later today for my first activities!

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